Our collections

Demande de visite des collections de l'École, 3 août 1840. Correspondance du directeur.
Request to visit the School's collections, August 3, 1840. Correspondence from the director.

Throughout its history and its responsibilities, the École des ponts et chaussées has had considerable collections under its responsibility, rich in activities related to Public Works, resulting from acquisitions or donations. Their reputation crossed borders, and visitors, mainly from Europe and America, demanded access to them; traces of some of these requests can be found as early as the years 1815-1820. Unfortunately, many of the objects whose use was over, have disappeared over time. Researchers today are once again interested in them and will find in the History section of our collections historical milestones on the constitution of these groups. The section The collection of documents and objects is more of a state by typology of what remains today.